Mouse And Me! 1 – Student Book


Autor(a): Alicia Vázquez and Jennifer Dobson

Editora: Oxford

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Explore the world through imaginative play with Daisy, Robin and Mouse! Mouse and Me!’s lively adventures featuring Daisy, Robin and Mouse’s different costumes capture children’s imaginations and teach important values. Engaging cross-curricular ‘Smart’ topics develop multiple intelligences, and the fun action songs, crafts, stories with opportunities to join in, and pop-outs encourage hands-on learning. The Mouse and Me! Student Book Pack has perforated pages which can be pulled out and turned into worksheets, all with helpful teacher’s notes on the back. It comes with access to the Lingokids (TM) home learning app.

Autor(a): Alicia Vázquez and Jennifer Dobson

Editora: Oxford

ISBN: 978019482265-7

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